September 24, 2009 

Alpha Delta Pi welcomed back Heather who presented the 'Girls Fight Back' seminar to our sisters and other girls around the Baylor Campus.  This campus wide event taught girls personal security and how to defend themselves using everyday objects, such as cell phones, heels, and keychains.  


September 11, 2009 

Alpha Delta Pi hosted Extreme Crush at the Student Life Center (SLC).  Sisters and their dates  competed in various activities including basketball, volleyball, dodge-ball, racquetball, and many other extreme games.  


September 7, 2009 

A few of our sisters volunteered at the Ronald McDonald house bringing cookies. In addition to baked goods, they watered the grounds, disinfected the toy rooms, all of the door knobs and cabinets, and washed the baseboards.


September 2, 2009 

Alpha Delta Pi and Beta Theta Pi joined together at the Twin Bridges Park for ice cream floats. Our sisters bonded with the Beta brothers while playing frisbee, volleyball, and football.  


Summer 2009 

President Beth Anne Crookshank attended the 158th Alpha Delta Pi Grand Convention in Orlando, Florida.  Beth Anne represented our chapter and received several awards on behalf of the Zeta Chi chapter for fall 2007 to the spring semester of 2009.  The awards are as follows:

  • Excellence Award
  • Harris Financial Excellence Award 
  • Recruitment Excellence Award 
  • Adelphean Award 
  • Panhellenic Excellence Award 
  • 2009 Chapter Excellence in Philanthropy Award 
  • Scholarship Achievement 
  • Alpha Education Achievement 
  • and Diamond 4 Point 


June 2009 

The Zeta Chi chapter was awarded the "2009 Abigal Davis Honor Guard Award" for exemplary support of the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation Abigal Davis Emergency Fund.


April 30, 2009 



At the end of a busy spring semester, our sisters gathered downtown Waco for dinner and dancing.  Couples competed in a mask making contest, and while everyone showed off their creativity, Mary Glennon took the prize with her extravagant floral mask.  





April 30, 2009 

The Diamond Darling choir performed for the first time in public at the Baylor University baseball game. Melanie Miller, music chair, led them in National Anthem.


Soprano 1: Shelley James, Morgan Hayley; Soprano 2: Caylie Casto, Kelsey Lynch, Emmie Hammon, Alto 1; Natalie Buresch, Mary Glennon; Alto 2: Nikki Gafford, Melanie Miller


April 26, 2009 

Alpha Delta Pi was founded at Wesleyan College on May 15, 1851. As the first college in the world to grant degrees to women, Wesleyan also produced the world’s first secret society for women.

On the day of its establishment, founder Eugenia Tucker wrote a diary entry detailing the goals of the new society. She wrote, “The society shall be called Adelphean, and shall have for its object the mental, moral, social, and domestic improvement of its members.”

Along with five fellow founders- Ella Pierce Turner, Octavia Andrew Rush, Elizabeth Williams Mitchell, Sophronia Woodruff Dews, and Mary Evans Glass, Eugenia Tucker sought to establish a sisterhood based on loyalty and friendship.

Soon after joining the National Panhellenic Conference, in 1913 the organization adopted the Greek letters Alpha Delta Pi as its official title.

Alpha Delta Pi’s history at Baylor began in the fall of 1980. 70 members from the Alpha Zeta chapter at SMU and Gamma Chi chapter of TCU came to Baylor to help colonize the new charter. Ninety charter pledges were chosen, signifying the largest charter pledge class in Alpha Delta Pi history, and establishing the 130th ADPi chapter, here on Baylor’s campus.

Now, almost 20 years after colonization at Baylor, Zeta Chi chapter still strives to uphold the principles established by our founders.

Through dedication to service in the Baylor and Waco communities, strong academics, and even stronger bonds of friendship, Zeta Chi chapter looks upon the ideals of the founding members and continues to strive for leadership and excellence in our endeavors, and to build lasting friendships and strong moral character.  

In order to build lasting friendships with current members and alumni, the Zeta Chi chapter hosted the Founder's Day Tea in their chapter room.  Active Zeta Chi members met with Alpha Delta Pi alumni while enjoying tea and other special treats.    


April 23, 2009 

Baylor University celebrated their 75th annual Diadeloso!  Our sisters represented Zeta Chi in events such as tug-of-war, tennis, ultimate frisbee, and the Dia Queen competition! 

Jessica and a few other sisters volunteered at TWO ADPi booths raising money for both Alex's Lemonade Stand and the Ronald McDonald House.   

In addition to participating in competitions, student organizations at Baylor have booths in which students can play games and learn about each group.  This year, the Zeta Chi chapter had two booths at Dia!  Students could enjoy a cup of lemonade and play musical chairs to raise money for both of Alpha Delta Pi's philanthropies.  


Summer 2008

Naomi Cobb attended the Alpha Delta Pi Leadership Seminar this summer and brought back several awards for the Alpha Delta Pi Zeta Chi chapter which include: 

  • Legacy Award
  • Alpha Education Achievement
  • Recruitment Achievement
  • 3.14 and higher for 2006 and 2007
  • Scholarship Award
  • Panhellenic Excellence Award
  • Finance Excellence
  • Diamond 4 Point
  • Diamond 4 Point (Central Texas)
  • Alumnae Association
  • and Achievement.

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